Expressvpn Vs Cyberghost Vs Pia Comparison For 2020

What we do know is that both VPNs will work in other places where your Internet may be limited, such as schools & universities, workplaces and so on. CyberGhost looks easier to use; but the keyword here is “looks” because it has a slightly more polished user interface, whereas PIA could use some design tweaks here and there. OpenVPN is also supported and so are a few other protocols. But when it comes to privacy, we would give a slight edge to CyberGhost, which operates from Romania. Although it’s an EU country, Romania has some solid privacy protection laws that go beyond what the EU is mandating. This round is a tie, as sometimes we got faster Internet speeds with CyberGhost and sometimes – PIA took the crown.

ExpressVPN claims to have incredibly-fast VPN speeds and remember it has that integrated speed test to help you choose the fastest server in your network. PIA says it has gigabit VPN port speeds and unmetered VPN transfer. Reviewers testing the speed loss on both networks’ VPNs found a 7 percent loss of speed with ExpressVPN and PIA has an 11 percent speed loss. ExpressVPN – Amplify the Entire InternetLike PIA, ExpressVPN offers Kill Switch and DNS Leak Prevention as well as IPv6 Leak Protection. ExpressVPN has a server speed test integrated into its software and it allows you to automatically or manually choose a server. PIA – Protect your privacy with a VPN TunnelThis VPN also provides vital features for anonymity such as DNS protection and a Kill Switch. PIA also ensures a better browsing experience by supplying protection from malware and ads.

As far as VPN connection protocols are concerned, you’ll have your choice between PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Even though PIA VPN is rather inexpensive, I wouldn’t call it a “cheap” service since it has so many great features. First of all, one of my favorite features of this service is the fact that you get 5 simultaneous connections per account. That’s incredible, especially considering that you can get the service for as little as $3.33 per month. At any rate, Private Internet Access VPN has decent global coverage and plenty of server capacity. On the other hand, CyberGhost has 600+ servers in 30 countries. Again, I don’t know if they truly have fewer servers, but I can objectively say that CyberGhost app has servers present in a greater number of countries.

The final question, on the other hand, is a little more vague and is intended to see how willing the staff are to help explain more complex issues. CyberGhost and Trading Platforms of 2020 PIA always offer at least eight servers in each of their locations, but less in-demand countries like Vietnam or Serbia usually only have servers in one city.

First I tested out server locations in the United Stateswhere both VPNs had a presence. So now let’s examine the results, starting with speed tests. Ignoring and not existing service Have the same not working on my win 7 they simply don’t reply like I do not exist! Unfortunately, I paid already, I requested a refund but is the same as talking to deaf ears. Only 1 star and tell my Facebook friends to stay away from PIA. I have been using PIA for years and have been very happy with the service so far.

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  • They have also implemented additional features like connection pausing or dark web monitoring.
  • PIA is based in the United States, which is a big red flag.
  • My vote goes to PIA because it supports WireGuard and has reported its intention to soon transition to a RAM-disk network.
  • Both services have web filters in place to reduce tracking and show ads.

CyberGhost is based in Romania which is a member of the European Union. As bulk data retention was deemed illegal by the EU in 2016 , only you and CyberGhost ever have access to your traffic. PIA, on the bitcoin other hand, is based in the US, one of the Five Eyes countries. In theory, this means that other Five Eyes countries could investigate a US citizen and share that information with the US government.

You can support this project throughdonations, purchasing items through our links , and sharing this information with others. Great write up, but many of the NordVpn features are not available to Mac users. But you have to decide if the features are worth the lack of privacy.

As you can see, CyberGhost is a cheaper vpn and also offers longer subscription plans if you don’t want to be bothered by renewing your plans every year that comes. If you want a vpn that will work in China then I don’t recommend either CyberGhost or PIA because these vpns are blocked in China. China bans the use of vpns, so their firewall is able to detect any vpn traffic and block it. If you are considering someday using your vpn from inside China then you should know that not all vpns work in China. This might also help if you have an application that you don’t want slowed down by the speed drops caused by vpn connections. In some of these instances, say for your internet banking application, you might want to be able to exempt them from having their traffic channelled through your vpn tunnel.

Pia Vs Cyberghost?

As for privacy, both VPNs come with strict zero-logging policies and great security features to prevent data leaks and malware. It’s important to know that PIA is registered in the US, which is not ideal if you want a VPN that operates far away from data retention laws or gag orders. There’s only one way to find the better VPN in this tight competition. Scroll down to see how Surfshark and PIA performed in our detailed cryptocurrency news tests. It’s another draw round as both CyberGhost and PIA get the job done across streaming services — including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. The situation is similar with torrenting, and you can expect to get more-than-decent download and upload speeds from both services. ExpressVPN consistently excels in tests of performance and reliability, speed, no DNS leaks and seamless torrenting and Netflix access.

We all know how annoying ads are and how dangerous malware is, so these are great features to have. PIA offers OpenVPN which many consider the securest protocol of all.

Additionally, I have found that PIA uses many virtual server locations where the true location does not match up with the announced location from the IP address. NordVPN does not have any virtual server locations and instead uses real servers in all advertised locations. Additionally, the double VPN feature offered by NordVPN is great for those looking for an additional layer of protection. I tested the double-VPN feature out for the NordVPN review and speeds were still excellent, despite the higher latency. So we see that with servers in the United States, NordVPN provides us with much faster download speeds than Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access, as it does with streaming, doesn’t really mention torrenting on their website, but torrenting it just works on all PIA servers.

Servers And Performance

They’re not actually trying – they define themselves as a privacy company more than a media unblocking service. When it comes to customer support service, CyberGhost is still the better one. Private Internet Access does not have a live chat cyberghost vs pia service and the ticketing is quite discouraging. There is also a 24/7 live chat feature that offers excellent service to its customers. In terms of working around restricted countries like China, both VPN services are not up to standard.

cyberghost vs pia

TCP is a good choice in some situations, which we’ll get into in the next section. OpenVPN is usually the best choice, as you can see in our VPN protocol breakdown. Considering all of the data, we have more questions than answers. AES can take advantage of many cores, and we assume that’s what’s going on here. Still, both are based on a 128-bit block size, so there shouldn’t be such a stark performance improvement.

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Those extra servers from HMA and NordVPN come from virtual locations. Essentially, you’ll tunnel through a country like the UK or the Netherlands and spoof a more remote location. This practice not only bolsters the server count, but also provides access to locations where existing infrastructure may not exist. Private Internet Access has a massive server network, with nearly 3,400 servers spread across 64 locations in 44 countries. Of course, the number of servers fluctuates, so take the 3,400 mark with a grain of salt.

cyberghost vs pia

If you’re interested in Private Internet Access, the annual plan is the way to go. PIA supports most router firmwares and provides detailed guides on how to get set up.


First off, I’d like to commend CyberGhost VPN for offering a free service. Doing so isn’t all that common in the VPN industry, though I did have some minor problems with the rest of their pricing model. It’s odd to see a VPN provider use a tiered packaging system in conjunction with monthly and annual savings discounts.

ExpressVPN – It offers 3000+ servers whereas Private Internet Access offers 3300+ servers. But ExpressVPN is not too far behind PIA VPN. Even though ExpressVPN offers slightly less number of servers, it does offer way more locations. You see, unlike PIA VPN, ExpressVPN offers servers in 94 countries.

PIA Pricing PlansBoth companies offer a money-back guarantee. Each company offers discounts with certain subscriptions such as the steep discount for purchasing their highest plans.

In terms of global server coverage capability, both VPN services have a lot of servers stationed across the globe. Both VPN services can do a lot in improving their security and privacy credentials, but Private Internet Access is still the better option right now. Private Internet Access, on the other hand, belongs to London Trust Media which is basically a US company. This is another enemy of online freedom and your full privacy is also not guaranteed.