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Often refers to people struggling misconceptions. “He’s completely wedged — he’s convinced that he can levitate through meditation.” three. [Unix] Specifically used to explain the state of a TTY left in a shedding state by abort of a display-oriented program or one that teco zap cap reviews has messed with the road discipline in some obscure way. A small specialised pc, shipped with no monitor or keyboard or some other exterior peripherals, pre-configured to be controlled through an Ethernet port and function as a WWW server.

So was the laser printer and the local-area community; and PARC’s collection of D machines anticipated the powerful private computer systems of the 1980s by a decade. Sadly, the prophets at PARC have been without honor in their %keywords% own firm, a lot so that it became a regular joke to describe PARC as a spot that specialized in growing sensible ideas for everybody else.

A language with syntax (or semantics) sufficiently dense and weird that any routine of great size is automatically write-solely code. A sobriquet applied sometimes to C and infrequently to APL, though INTERCAL and TECO actually deserve it extra See additionally Befunge. [a play on `learn-only memory’] Code so arcane, complicated, or ill-structured that it cannot be modified and even comprehended by anyone but its creator, and possibly not even by him/her.

Universal Remote Programming

[Yet Another] In hackish acronyms this almost invariably expands to Yet Another, following the precedent set by Unix yacc (Yet Another Compiler-Compiler). [from the ADVENT recreation] The canonical `magic word’. This comes from ADVENT, during which the idea is to discover an underground cave with many rooms and to gather the treasures you discover there.

“I wish to get cherry pie xor a banana cut up.” This derives from the technical use of the time period as a operate on fact-values that is true if precisely one of its two arguments is true. The famed Palo Alto Research Center. For greater than a decade, from the early Nineteen Seventies teco zap cap reviews into the mid-Nineteen Eighties, PARC yielded an astonishing quantity of groundbreaking hardware and software improvements. The trendy mice, windows, and icons fashion of software program interface was invented there.

A cracking software, a program that calls a given record or range of telephone numbers and data those which answer with handshake tones (and so might be entry factors to laptop or telecommunications techniques). Some of these packages have turn into quite refined, and can now detect modem, fax, or PBX tones and log every one separately. The struggle dialer is among the most necessary instruments within the phreaker’s package. These programs advanced from early demon dialers. It is alleged that sense 1 got here from the idiom `like speaking to a blank wall’.

  • Compare newbie, tourist, weenie, twink, terminal junkie, warez d00dz.
  • A backronym for “Sole Purpose, Obtain a Degree”; in accordance with some self-described spods, this term is utilized by indifferent students to sentence their harder-working fellows.
  • The spod has few friends in RL and makes use of talkers as an alternative, discovering communication easier and preferable over the net.
  • Compare the defiant adoption of the time period `geek’ within the mid-Nineties by people who would previously have been stigmatized by it (see laptop geek).
  • [obs.] An strange particular person; a random.
  • He has all of the unfavorable traits of the pc geek without having any interest in computers per se.

Where comparatives are used, the implicit `other’ is a randomly chosen phase of the non-hacker population of the identical dimension as hackerdom. His code was not simple for someone else to modify. I referred to as another hacker over to look at it. He had by no means seen the swap before both.

[University of Waterloo] Some sorts of extensive paper for printers have a perforation 8.5 inches from the left margin that permits the excess on the right-hand side to be torn off when the print format is eighty columns or much less broad. The proper-hand extra may be referred to as `woofer’. This time period (like tweeter) has been in use at Waterloo since 1972, however is elsewhere unknown. In audio jargon, the word refers back to the bass speaker(s) on a hello-fi.

“The new comm software program could be very quick; it really zorches information through the network.” 4. The intangible and fuzzy foreign money by which favors are measured. “I’d quite %keywords% not ask him for that simply but; I think I’ve used up my quota of zorch with him for the week.” 5. Energy, drive, or capacity. “I think I’ll punt that change for now; I’ve been up for 30 hours and I’ve run out of zorch.” 6.

[primarily MS-DOS] Said of software conforming to system interface tips and standards. Well-behaved software uses the operating system to do chores corresponding to keyboard input, allocating memory and drawing graphics.

Hacker Writing Style

Translates roughly as “Hey, I tried to write this portably, however who is aware of what’ll occur in your system?” 2. More usually, a qualifier hooked up to advice. “I discover that sending flowers works well, however your mileage may differ.” more than as soon as, you could have woken up recalling a dream in some programming language. [IBM] Repair wires used when connectors (especially ribbon connectors) obtained broken because of some schlemiel pinching them, or to reconnect reduce traces after the FE mistakenly minimize one.

Hacker Folklore

If the system has crashed, it has become completely non-functioning. If the system is wedged, it’s making an attempt to do something but can’t make progress; it could be capable of doing a number of issues, but not be absolutely operational. For instance, a process might become wedged if it deadlocks with one other (but not all instances of wedging are deadlocks). See also gronk, locked up, hosed, hung (wedged is extra extreme than hung).